Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post outside of WA?

Unfortunalty at the moment we don't, however in the future we hope to.
It's actually illegal for a seller to post plants from WA to any other state in Australia without a Plant health certificate issued by Quarantine Western Australia.

Do you sell cuttings?
Unfortunalty we don't sell cuttings and never intend to. We would rather grow a plant out to a stable condition rather than risking selling a cutting which may not make it ( or be green on white)

Do you have a store?
We currently do not have a store however we do sell from our greenhouse every so often. This is stock dependent and will be announced via social media so don't forget to follow us!

Can you order in stock?
We currently do not buy from any wholesalers, we only grow our own plants which can take quite a few years so we won't take orders to order plants sorry!